Meet our Greeters

Meet some of our Greeter…

Please note that you cannot book a Greeter; you can only book a Greet :-).

Marko Subotic

Bio: Hi, my name is Marko and I come from East Sarajevo. I grew up in this city and created my favorite memories which I would gladly share with you. During our tour of the city area from my earliest memories to my high school days we will pass through the city like through time, from the oldest to the newest locations. I study philosophy, besides that I also write poetry and in other times and places I was also a volunteer, an athlete and many other things witnessed by the buildings, trees, benches and bridges that we will have the chance to see, every city so long as it’s a home must reserve a special place in a mans heart and I’ve always been able to share that love with people with “the right pair of eyes”

Interest: History, Culture

Roksanda Mičić

Bio: Hi everybody, My name is Roksanda Micic. I am an English teacher and interpreter and I also graduated from two-year university studies of tourism. I am waiting for you at Vojkovici, located in the Republika Srpska, 10 KM from Sarajevo downtown and 4 KM from the Sarajevo Airport. It is a beautiful suburban residential community surrounded by hills and mountains. It is not a famous sightseeing option but, still, its cultural and historical monuments such as the church, the iron bridge and the beautiful Zeljeznica River, stecci (medieval tombstones), several old houses and untouched woody and grassy slopes for hiking will give you a nice rest after visiting crowded and noisy streets of Sarajevo. You can even fish and have barbecue at the banks of the river or arrange a picnic with home-made food. There is no fancy tourist offer but, still you can dine in a modest restaurant serving traditional food and get accommodation in an old, but modest and clean house. Depending on the season, you can join local festival of old Serbian songs or sport tournaments or Pumpkin Days, sowing vegetables, autumn food preserving, brandy making or other traditional activities of rural areas.

Interest: Architecture, History, Culture

Nevena Filipovic

Bio: Hi, I'm Nevena and I have a bachelor degree in law. I live in Kasindol, a small town in East Sarajevo. I will show you not so frequently visited parts of my city, but certainly not less significant because there we can find some of the oldest buildings in the country. Also, we will visit the urban part and tell you about all the interesting things, stories and memories that connect me to this place. If you want to experience this city in the right way Im expecting you!

Interest: Culture

Sara Kovačević

Bio: Hi! My name is Sara. I come from Pale, a little place close to Sarajevo. Pale are the most beautiful in the winter, because then you can see the true beauty of the mountains surrounding it. My tour is going to be based on the historical places in Pale and buildings that have been there for a 100 years or more. I would also like to show you the amazing natural landscapes of my hometown. If you are someone who likes nature or interesting historical stories, I will be waiting for your visit!

Interest: Architecture, Fashion, History, Culture

Nikola Subotic

Bio: Hey, my name is Nikola. I come from East Sarajevo and that's the place I want to introduce you to, as well as the places that influenced throughout my life. I want to lead you through the contrast of the old and the new in our little town, and tell you how it was growing up here playing and laughing. We can also visit places where you can find good food and drinks, whether it be homemade food or foreign draft beer. Looking forward to your visit! See you in East Sarajevo

Interest: Food, cuisine and culinary, History, Culture